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Soon, you will be able to access C1 & C2 Upper Intermediate and Advanced English lessons on this page.

What Will You Learn?

C1 - Upper Intermediate Level

  • Can understand difficult and long texts and can easily comprehend expressions containing abstract meanings.

  • With a rich vocabulary, he can express himself naturally and fluently without difficulty.

  • Can use the language learned effectively and appropriately in social, professional or educational life.

  • He can express himself clearly, appropriately and in detail on complex subjects, and use various tools while communicating without breaking the integrity of the text.

C2 - Advanced Level

  • Can understand and convey everything he reads or hears without difficulty.

  • Summarize information based on written and spoken sources while re-expressing reasons and explanations in a meaningful way.

  • Can express himself naturally, fluently and fully and draw attention to subtle differences in meaning in complex matters.

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