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Simple Present Tense



The Present Continuous Tense

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Frequency Adverbs in Simple Present Tense

What Will I Learn?

B1 - Pre Intermediate Level

  • He can easily understand basic expressions when he hears and reads.

  • When he goes abroad, he can easily speak the language and deal with the situations he encounters. He can easily communicate and express himself about the subjects he knows and his interests .

  • They can make sentences about experiences and events, describe their dreams, hopes and goals, and future plans, give reasons, give examples and explanations about these issues.

B2 - Intermediate Level

  • Can easily understand complex texts on concrete and abstract topics; He can also understand and participate in discussions related to his / her field of expertise.

  • Can communicate naturally and fluently with native speakers without difficulty.

  • Can express his / her thoughts and opinions on an advanced topic in a clear and detailed way, express his / her opinion on a current topic and explain the positive and negative aspects of various topics.

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